The Monster Next Door

The Crazy Talk
Twisted Creatures Devour the Screaming Wicked

Zed and Buttercup wakeup post coitus. Buttercup smiles and starts some pillow talk with Zed asking his name. Zed said he need to be with someone last night and Buttercup cuddles up next to him asking if that feels better. Zed explains that Kali keep trying to bring back her old boyfriend but instead brought him back. Buttercup is sure he is her old friend Christoper but Zed doesn’t remember. He says he should use the name Jon Malcolm as he has his face now and it makes things easier.

Jason is in the nursey with (dead) Pamela and his ‘baby’, Pheonix, he starts to feed the baby and says to Pamela how he thought about a name and would like to name the baby boy Phoenix. Jason says he thinks everything is going to be alright. Pamela says Jason has to go to the restaurant to save the girl (Molly). The baby coos and tries to talk, pulling Jason’s nose playfully, then takes the nipple off the bottle and drinks his formula. Jason takes Pamela out of the room to speak to her. In the background Phoenix starts crawling, then walking like a toddler, and walks toward Jason in the hall with Pamela as she urges Jason to go talk to the girl at the restaurant. Jason doesn’t seem to realize his baby is advancing moment by moment. Jason just remarks how fast kids grow up. Jason takes a gun from it’s safe place and baby talks to him in baby talk urging Jason to stay and play with him and Mommy. Jason takes his gun and explains he has to go and walks down the street.

While walking to the Taj Mahal, Jason comes across Lilim who is steadily growing in dark powers. She explains how Kali took Molly to the restaurant and she has to get her back. Lilim and Jason arrive at the Taj Mahal and find an emergency vehicle parked out front. The restaurant is clean and quiet, no rotten food and like ritually clean. Jason says he is going upstairs to Kali’s office, while Lilim says she is going to Molly and asks Jason the way to the basement. Jason gazes into the abyss and he trips into a pile of boxes and hits his head on the desk. Lilim gazes into the abyss and realizes the Dark Master doesn’t have power here and gets a backlash in her head. She hears chanting, stops and goes back to get Jason. There is a lot of fresh food cartes here and a new recipe on the desk for fresh food (no meat or dairy, just fresh fruit and vegetables). Lilim wakes up Jason and the leave to go downstairs. Walls seem curved and lumpy, walls are covered in fruits and vegetables, the basement has been turned into a cornacorpia.

Kali is here with the knife, chanting about the great goddess to come back. Molly is out cold on a slab. Jason shoots, hitting some fruit/veg and some fruit/veg comes supernaturally out of the bullet hole. They start baring them in fruit/veg. Kali plunges the knife into Molly while Molly is being wrapped with vines of fruit/veg. Kali says he (Master) has no power here.
Lilim invokes her darkest self and blood is coming down on everyone and the vines start to wither. Lilim is able to remove Molly from the vines and desicrate this place and dedicate it to her Master. Lilim causes fruit/vegs to surround and droned Kali. Zed senses something, being connected to Kali. Lilim leaves restaurant with Molly and Molly starts to come around, she is bleeding from the knife wound.

Jason tries to take Molly into his house to protect her, but she reacts in horror on seeing Pheonix that the little boy is “not a person.” Phoenix now acts 4 or 5 yrs old.

Molly goes to her house, wants her parents. Lilim is still in the restaurant basement trying to drown Kali in blood, fruit and vegs are popping. Zed raced to the restaurant and starts going down basement steps, he feels weaker here as he gets to the basement full of blood. Kali is drowning in waves of blood, her cornacopia is dying and she doesn’t have much time left. Zed said she can’t end like this. Lilim says she deserves as she stabbed an eight yr old.
Lilim reaches out to Zed, he says he isn’t here to stop her just that he doesn’t think Kali should end this way. Lilim offers for Zed to disconnect from Kali forever and Zed agrees as Kali drowns in blood and blood comes out of her nose, mouth and eyes. Blood is creeping up on Zed as he watches. Lilim tries to turn Zed on.

Now that I have no Master, why would I want one? asks Zed. Lilim suggests as a matter of safety. Zed asks about Limil’s free will and Lilim says she likes the way things are and Zed asks which of them is speaking. Zed says we can see how this will go in the future but for right now, ta ta and he leaves Lilim.

Edgar is driving a stolen car with a woman who looks like Limil but has black eyes, Mr Nabeshima’s sister (really Mr Nabeshima has no sister), Miko. Last thing Estaban did was tell Egar to keep Miko away from the Nabeshima family and gave him a cat carrier. Edgar keeps points out sites as Miko gets weary. He looks in the rearview mirror and sees that Miko is really little more than a mumified corpse, her mouth locked in a polite rictus, eyes shrivelled and blackened with the Dark Master’s hideous anti-radiance. Lilim casts a spell which causes the stolen car’s tire to go flat, Edgar pulls over to stall by pretending to fix it but Lilim is there on the side of the road. Lilim tries to bluff Edgar and he whallops her with a tire iron. Lilim retaliates with an athame, plunging it into Edgar. He says “There’s still good in you, he hasn’t driven it out of you yet” as he collapses in a pool in his own blood. She goes to let Miko out, she says “At least I’m not killing you.” “No,” says Edgar, “You’re just killing the world.” She hesitates, with her hand on the handle, he goes to grab the mirror from the back of the car and accidentally drops it. There’s the sound of glass breaking, Lilim opens the door. Miko hands Lilim a bottle with some kind of liquid in it and says “This is for the vessel of youf choice, this will make him flesh and blood… for your wedding.” Miko, in her dessicated form, leans over to kiss Lilim, saying “This is so you can control his army,” says Miko as she crumbles to dust. Lilim offers to bond with Edgar, but he half-staggers, half runs away saying “Oh hell no,” He leaves the broken mirror behind. Lilim eagerly reaches for it and feels a pang of a regret as she reaches for it, she puts it in the trunk and when she sits down the tire re-inflates itself and Lilim drives the stolen car away.

Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Mr Nabeshima screams at Esteban. Nurse Lupe is now EMT Lupe, caught between her attraction to Esteban and the creepy was he’s acting. Office Joe is also escorting them. When Mr. Nabeshima demands to know where his daughter is, Esteban replies calmly “where is your ”/characters/mrs-nabeshima" class=“wiki-content-link”>wife" and Mr. Nabeshima begins punching the strapped-in Esteban in the face. When Esteban goads Mr. Nabeshima into calling his house, Esteban discovers to his horror that Jason is there with Molly. He terrifies Mr. Nabeshima into going to search for his wife as Lupe is forced by common sense and a horrified Officer Joe to sedate Esteban, who has begun to bewhail the fact he can’t see ghosts and that’s why he has made a critical error. His last warning to Mr. Nabeshima is “She has already chosen you for her Consort.”

Meanwhile, Zed goes to Lilim’s house and tries to kidnap Marcus to use his Chris-like features to try and rebuild his outward self to Buttercup’s liking, although she seems unaware of his plans. Marcus sidesteps him with superhuman speed and his eyes glow, revealing him to be an Inugami as well. The fight escalates, but Zed is hampered by not wanting to harm Marcus’ Christopher-like features. There is snarling and the sound of a scuffle as they both fall into Lilim’s house. Jason hears the ruckus but doesn’t see anything this time as he’s watching over Molly on the phone.

Inside Lilim’s house, the battle continues. Marcus transforms and bites Zed’s arm off and then Zed eats Marcus’ face. Jason sees “Marcus” emerge but the audience can tell it’s really Zed with Marcus’ face and clothes. Marcus then inexplicably goes over to Edgar’s place. Buttercup meets him at the door saying “Christopher?”

There’s a quick scene of Mildred sitting in her basement with a freezer full of untouched food, surrounded by a circle of salt, cursing “Stupid Boy!” Her cats wait, fearfully watching the cellar door.

Lilim gets home and finds Marcus’s mutilated corpse. She also sees Zed’s cast off face and mystically sees Zed eating Marcus’ face. She screams in blood-curdling rage. Jason hears the scream. Lilim comes over to Mr. Nabeshima’s house and Molly leverages this to get out of having to go over to Mr. Jason’s house. Lilim says she can wait on the porch for her father to arrive. Molly thinks she knows a lot more about magic than “Mr Jason.”

Edgar sees that Esteban has been arrested in a TV News Report when he goes home to get bandaged. Violet hits on Edgar again. Marcus enters and goes to Buttercups room and Edgar confronts him like an angry father. Buttercup defends him as Zed tells Edgar about Lilim’s recent activities.Violet knows where Molly is and makes Edgar promise future sexual favors to reveal her location.

Esteban comes to in the police canine unit.Jessica and Officer Joe are there, they are both clearly Inugami as well. Lupe becomes more and more terrified as Esteban explains there will be a mock trial and she has been detained by the sick code of the Dark Master as the Bakeneko’s defense council. The Canine Unit has been turned into a breeding ground for Inugami and all the cops in this precinct are Demon Dogs. Esteban tells how he promised his services to the Dark Master for several centuries in exchange for life after his throat was cut. He tells how, for a long time, he hated all humans and even after the contract expired, he continued to lead the Dark Master’s forces, but Captain Wright convinced him he was wrong. Now he’s only managed to save three places, but he’s responsible for the corruption and destruction of many human cities, places that filled up with horrors and choked to death on the Dark Master’s supernatural cancer. He begs Lupe to help him redeem himself, although hope is running out to stop the Dark Master this time. Lupe agrees to help Esteban.

Jason takes Molly to Mildred’s house for safety, and although the Dark Master whispers in Lilim’s ears that Molly needs to go to the Nursery (in Jason’s house.) Due to Mildred’s yelling, Edgar sees that Molly is now in Mildred’s care. He begins to salt his own yard and sees that Mr. Otis’ garden has died and two glowering red eyes are inside the old mansion.

The Balance Shifts
Rotting Corpses Start to Pile Up

Zed stumbles home. Calling for Kali thinking he simply escaped the cops. He thinks someone set him up. Recaps his escape. Kali is concerned that he has a new face. She asks: “Where did his face go? Where’s the body Zed, where’s the other face?” He tries to explain his old face was plastered across the pavement. He begs her forgiveness and reminds her that he barely managed to get away. She reacts with an eerie calm but seems to focus on his face. She treats him gently, has him sit down to watch TV and beans him with a candlestick. Zed awakes on a strange altar with Kali chanting. He says it reminds him of his birth. She brings a knife toward him, he begs to live. He says it’s “me” and Zed says “he’s lost I didn’t come back on purpose!” Kali begins making incision marks on him. He begs, saying he’ll fix it. She says she owes a debt to the Aswangs. You weren’t just a face she says, you were him, the whole body. As she plunges the knife into his flesh, Zed realizes Zed is going to kill him for realizes this time, not for play-play. “I love you but I can’t lay here and die,” he cries. He begins to break his chain, Kali expresses disappointment and steps outside the altar circle. A dark force holds him in place. He licks the blood off the sacrificial knife and lashes out at the dark barrier, but it holds him in place. Kali plunges into Zed, Zed crawls on alter and tries to climb through the ceiling, he fails. Kali seeing this, leaves the house.

Kali starts drawing a circle around house and Ralph and Georgiana see this thinking she is aerating the lawn or spraying for termites.Jason comes out and watches, recording with his phone. Lilim comes over as well. Zed breaks through the floor in his darker self, ravenous for feeding. Zed looks at Lilim with sad eyes and starts eating himself. He spits out his own finger bones at Lilim and sees Georgina nearby and grabs her. Lilim sees this and casts a spell on Zed not to harm others. Ralph screams and faints, muttering about Joseph Smith’s second coming. Georgina weakly and softly screams. Georgina breaks free as Mildred comes out to help Lilim hold him with the spell. Zed breaks free, Kali, Lilim and Mildred are knocked down when he breaks free. Zed runs around the house and a cat scream is heard and then crunching bones. During this whole time Jason was recording with his phone. Later Zed breaks through the Taj Mahal and eats all the ghouls. All of them.

Edgar comes out and locks the front door, seeing everyone getting up after falling over when Zed broke free to see Mildred and Lilim arguing. Lilim picks up the finger bones. Kali walks over to Edgar stating she may need his help again. Kali complains to Edgar about losing her old boyfriend face and Edgar reminds her about not letting the artifact fall into the wrong hands (not defined but could be the one to create Zed or the knife Kali used). He asks if she knew where Zed could have gone. Lilim states that she knows she can track Zed by his finger bones she has. Edgar said he thinks they should find and restrain Zed. Edgar tells Kali she needs to decide now whether she wants to save Zed or destroy him. He tries to get a promise He said that now she knows he doesn’t have any parts of her old boyfriend in him, he asks if she has feelings for Zed himself, does she want Zed saved or destroyed? Edgar reminds Kali that since she created Zed, she is the only one to be able to destroyed him. Edgar Lilim is she is with them or not and Lilim wants to know why Zed should die. Edgar says Zed is too dangerous to live. Jason is watching this conversation and starts looking up how to get rid of a Zombie on his cell phone. Lilim argues that Zed should live and Edgar determines he and Kali are on their own.

Esteban comes up on Jason at Cockburns picking up a chainsaw in the seasonal isle with ice picks, meat hooks and the like. Esteban hints that he would be willing to help Jason if he needs help with anything, looking at his future chainsaw purchase in his cart. He asks if Jason has any famous ancestors, he doesn’t indicate any and Esteban suggests they hang out someday. Esteban brings up Mildred and his experiences with her. Esteban gives Jason his business card and asks if he has seen Zed around, looking right at Taj Mahal out the front of the grocery store window. Jason said last he knew Zed’s house was being destroyed and Esteban asks about Kali, who Jason said is okay. Esteban keeps looking at the Taj Mahal and suggests that they go get drinks in the middle of the night at the Taj Mahal. He pretty much drags Jason there and finds no one in the Taj Mahal. Esteban gazes into the abyss and sees cryptic and alarming visions. The Taj Mahal door is broke down and it looks like some maniac tore through it.

Esteban asks Jason (calling him the Captain) for a flashlight and Jason pulls one out and turns it on, Esteban’s eyes glow for a second and Jason gets more nervous. He insists Esteban go first down the stairs, they see nothing in the first room but as they close the door they are startled to see a ghoul plastered to the door and with his face gone and his chest opened. As the door shuts the two notice several ghouls here that have no face and chests are open with no internal organs Esteban freaks and says they have to clean everything up and reopen the restaurant in the morning to keep the restaurant open so ‘he’ doesn’t come back.

Jason says he’s crazy says they need to call the police at that moment a no face, open chest no organs ghouls weakly says not to call the police Esteban begs the Captain to help him clean everything up and reopen the restaurant in the morning and Jason mentions his wife used to work here,Esteban continues to freak out and confirm that Jason’s wife worked there, and is freaking out more realizing what that means. Jason gazes into the abyss.
Restaurant closed down and red blood moon and Pamela weeping in the vision
Esteban explained that the Captain needs to lead and tells Jason what he need to clean the place up and asked him to get his wife Pamela to help them. Jason will call his wife and ’
Esteban will call his friends. Esteban takes one of the corpses to draw a circle on the floor and turns into a cat. He exclaims “don’t interrupt me, I’m calling the ”/wikis/swallow-alliance" class=“wiki-page-link”> home office!"

Molly and Lilim scene, where Molly asks about becoming a witch and flashbacks to how Lilim got contaminated from the artifact and changed into who she is now, she tells Molly about all the dancing (sex) she has had with everyone, all over the place. She tells Molly to study to be a witch rather than do it the way she did and do it at her own pace and Mr Nabeshima comes to get Molly. Lilim tries to turn Mr Nabeshima on and he gets really uncomfortable and mentions how Lilim resembles his sister who is flying in from Japan today and quickly leaves with Molly. His is clearly disturbed by Lilim.s advances.

Pamela, Zed and Jason help Esteban clean up the restaurant and get it open again, with Esteban’s friends which are all weird spirit people (look weird and representing various cultures). They look for the recipe book and start to cook pancakes while Zed explains to a ghoul who realized Zed can’t go back home and insists he wants Zed’s secret to be blood and flesh. The ghoul takes Zed’s knife (the one Kali left in his chest), Zed explains who he is and that Kali brought him back to life, but he doesn’t remember who he was before and how he doesn’t know how becoming flesh starts. He explains to the ghoul how he has to kill and take flesh to stay alive, the ghoul says he can stay at the Taj Mahal but he needs to work hard. The ghouls mentioned Kali and says how she has some pull over the place but not sure how much since it’s been rebuilt and how important it is for them to keep the restaurant going and to serve customers. The special of the day is Pancakes for Lunch.

Later, Lilim is in her room, post sex leaving Marcus tied to the bed. She spills some blood and does a little ritual to summon her Master, who tells her he is gathering power, she asks what for? He wants to get into some people’s good graces and it he should be able to find his favor soon, he assures Lilim that she will be rewarded soon. Lilim says and “unkindness is happening” and the Master assures he will spare her and reward her soon when he gains more power. He tells Lilim she will be interested in the sister coming from overseas and Lilim asks if she is one of them and he says no but she is delicious. The Master assures Lilim that she won’t be discarded.

Jason and Alice meet at Buy More a couple of days after cleaning up the Taj Mahal. He is wearing the headphones and Alice tells him he shouldn’t wear them, they are dangerous. He tells her he heard a car crash in the headphones. He tells her Pamela is working and Alice asks if he finds this unusual. Jason is glad she is getting out. Alice says how this doesn’t make sense, she was at the accident and saw Pamela dead and she called 911. Jason argues with Alice about Pamela being alive and Jason’s shuts Alice down. Flash back to Jason calling after her death to Pamela’s parents about what to buy her for her birthday and her parents getting upset and hanging up on him, telling him not to call them again.

Next scene is Jason drinking with Alice’s words ringing in his head "is there anything Pamela might have been keeping from you? Jason calls the Police station to speak to Officer Joe about his wife quitting and Officer Joe tells him to F-off and hangs up on him. Jason puts out a key to the Nursery, he puts in the lock but can’t open door, there is something on the other side. He hears a voice saying they can help him get on the other side of the door and he sees the scales tip to a side. The voice of the dark master continues to tempt Jason. He wants his child and his wife back. “Open the door and find everything you want behind it.” All the food in the neighborhood instantly rots, and the scales tip all the way. Jason opens the nursery door and sees Pamela holding a healthy baby and she says “it’s a miracle!”

Esteban drags Zed from the restaurant and Pamela vanished before their eyes. Esteban says he’s here and that Zed is partly build of him, they have to get the Nabeshima family out, the Captain has failed them. Kali shows up saying something bad has happened, the Nabeshima family went to the airport to get Mr Nabeshima’s sister and Estan asked don’t you know there is no sister. Kali asks what is coming and Esteban states it’s like the Captain, he made a grave mistake, Pamela despaired from the restaurant and they need to get Molly out. (add more here)

It was suppose to be Lilim but it’s going to be Molly, he knocks and no one answers, he says they need to go to the airport. Edgar asks what tools they need and Esteban asks if he knows how to stop the Celestial Bureaucracy. Edgar gazes into the abyss to see the one thing that continually grows turning in on itself and keeps feeding on itself (cancer). Edgar sees he needs a strong representation of feasts, he is fighting famine.

Esteban needs to get to the airport to get the Nabeshima family out of there, it’s not Mr Nabeshima’s sister, his memories are wrong. Lilim calls the airport and has Mr Nabeshima paged, she tells him that someone is coming to take his daughter away and indicates that Esteban has an improper interest in Molly. Zed has a passionate, unbridled encounter with Buttercup in the other room and Edgar passes by, catching sight of them, Estaban promised Edgar that he will do all he can to prevent the the council of Fae from fulfilling their plan. Esteban tells Edgar they need to go in undercover and there is a cat carrier out back, Kali is going to come with them. She works for who ‘he’ corrupted (‘her’) but is going to help get Molly away from all this safely. Kali, Esteban and Edgar go to the airport with a cat, however Estaban stays in human form and tries to shut down Lilim’s plans and get to Molly first.

Esteban, Kali and Edgar pile into the Ambulance and race to the airport. In the mean time Lilim calls the airport and informs Mr Nabeshima, through the white courtesy telephone, that an ambulance driver of Esteban’s description is planning to abduct Molly. The airport is on high alert when the ambulance arrives, but Esteban gives secret instructions to Kali and Edgar, entrusting Edgar with a cat carrier full of “important things.” Kali nods that she understands her role and promises Molly will not be harmed and will be kept away from the Dark Master. At the airport, Esteban runs up to Molly and snatches her, whispering something in her ear first. Her dad tries to stop him and Esteban backhands him across the moving sidewalk with superhuman strength. Molly screams and screams for her father as Esteban races through the guards to the ambulance. The guards are hesitant to fire until he hands off Molly to Kali and she drives away in the ambulance. Although Esteban is shot, he’s only wounded and taken into custody.

Edgar is standing watching the people get off the plane with an empty cat carrier. A veiled woman gets off the plane and walks around. Edgar gazes into the abyss and sees a face like Lilim but with black eyes. Edgar pulls a sign out of the cat carrier with the ‘sister’ Nabeshima and waits for her. The veiled woman walks over and Edgar asks if she is Bakeneko, she says she is and Edgar says he was sent by Mr Nabeshima to pick her up and take her to Mr Nabeshima’s home. Edgar pretends to be a valet parker to steal a car in order to pick up the sister Nabeshima. He steals a car but is caught on video, he picks the ‘sister’ Nabeshima up and he isn’t going to take her home. Last scene is Mrs Nabeshima standing there wondering where her family has gone and wondering where the ‘sister’ Nabeshima has gone, as no one else is coming off the plane.

The Date Night
Torrid Embraces Reveal Ghosts from the Past

Flashbacks: Esteban takes Lilim back to his apartment where he checks on Robin’s condition and tells Lilim a ‘fairy tale’ to explain the danger her Dark Lord poses to the neighborhood, if not the whole town. Lilim is non-plussed, Kent thinks the whole story is stupid except for the part about demon dog guardians of the moon god. Wayne Bruce is apprehensive, Lilim sends him home.

Meanwhile, Kali responds to a summons at the Taj Mahal restaurant, where it becomes clear the workers there exist in a pathetic half-life. They are confused and unclear as to why they can not leave the restaurant and that they have all given up something important to keep Zed animated. Kali cruelly puts them in their place and collects money from upstairs for her own use.

Edgar thinks back on a scene from the past. In the Flea Circus, Pamela, in uniform and very much vital and public-spirited, interferes with an argument between Vlad, Edgar and a young woman named Rosemary. Vlad is pulling his usual double dealing with Edgar over a demon cat. Rosemary clearly likes Edgar and is trying to get tea herbs out of Vlad. Edgar manages to finagle the cat out of Vlad, just before Mildred gets there, thus saving Esteban’s life.

Edgar gives the Forbidden Bottle to Vlad. Mildred warns Rosemary to stay away from Edgar, but the young woman shows up at his house after he has extracted a promise from Esteban. Rosemary is interested in an artifact in Edgar’s possession and he seduces her, taking her virginity as part of the ritual necessary to safely deal with the artifact. Afterward, Mildred finds them and disowns Rosemary. We transition to the present, where we see that Rosemary has become Lilim, it is strongly hinted because of what she found in the artifact.

Jason meets Pamela in their house, she is in a bathrobe. He frets about her increasing isolation and encourages her to eat something. She claims to eat when he isn’t home, but he can’t find any evidence of her touching anything in the fridge. After coaxing a promise out of her to come to Ralph’s sure-to-be-disastrous upcoming neighborhood 80s night, Jason hears screams issuing from Jessica’s house… again. Jason confronts Jessica’s obnoxious boyfriend, Bud, with Lilim and Marcus looking on. Bud tells Jason he has no idea what’s going on and despite a valiant effort from Jason, opens a can of whup ass on the young man in a suit like only a brute in a wife beater can.

Lilim has a mystic vision ofJessica’s true nature and realizes she is an Inugami, one of the demon dog guardians from Esteban’s ‘fairy tale,’ Lilim picks Jason up and dusts him off, taking him to her porch where they discuss Mildred and Edgar. Lilim learns that Jason was a witness to Zed’s attack on the Unnamed Punk. Lilim puts seeds of doubt into Jason about Mildred’s mentorship, as he sees her eyes turn supernatural black. Mildred shows up and chastises him before Marcus can return with the mimosas. Mildred says that she once had a daughter, but Rosemary is dead to her now.

Lilim knocks on Edgar’s door, interrupting another of Violet’s tasteless attempts to come on to him. She storms out, leaving drug paraphernalia behind. Lilim shares Jason’s story about Zed’s ghoulish attack on the unknown punk, for which she was framed by the cops. Edgar says the cops are too lazy to do anything, unless a prominent citizen acts as a witness. Edgar discovers via dark magics that Mr. Otis was a witness.

First they try to get Jason to come along, but he doesn’t trust either of them anymore and Pamela convinces him to stay home with her, mostly by letting her robe fall to the ground and guiding Jason into the bedroom. During the pillow talk afterword, Jason convinces Pamela to at least look for a new job as their drowning in bills. Pamela reluctantly agrees to go to the Taj Mahal if Jason will go with her. At the Taj Mahal, the strange and creepy staff recognizes Pamela as a more powerful version of one of their own and hire her as if she had always worked there.

Lilim and Edgar visit Mr. Otis where Lilim seduces the old man and promises to provide him with booze and the occasional steak, both forbidden to him by Daisy. He also talks about his wife and her flower garden, which blooms despite the fact that no one living in the neighborhood seems to tend it.

After Mr. Otis’ testimony, the Police agree to pick up Zed, but he has just been murdered by Kali, again. While Esteban and Buttercup share an intimate moment near the lush and garden-like end of the greenbelt’s drainage ditch, he extracts a promise from her to help the lost souls in his apartment if anything goes wrong in the “coming trials and tribulations.” Zed, newly resurrected, emerges from the ditch and Esteban helps Buttercup seduce him. His head wound heals mystically but Esteban accidentally tips of the police as to Zed’s location.

The police take Zed into custody, but he remember’s Kali’s mental conditioning and tries to escape. The police gun him down in the street. Esteban shows up in the ambulance to take him to the morgue and waits for him to come back to life. Esteban helps Zed find corpses to rebuild himself and gives him a card, urging the ghoul to contact the Bakeneko the next time Zed’s hunger re-asserts itself. Zed only half understands.

Edgar and Daisy go on a second date to the Taj Mahal, where Pamela has become manager by dint of supernaturally dominating the other cursed staff members. She waves to someone in the flower garden across the street that Edgar can’t see and Daisy ignores. The lovely caretaker unburdens herself about her growing frustrations with Mr. Otis. Lilim is also at the restaurant and she has a psychic battle with Pamela, who calls her Rosemary. Pamela tries scare Rosemary away from Jason and Lilim warns Rosemary no to let Jason mess around with the Forbidden Bottle.

The last date of the session, between Edgar and Daisy, ends when she accepts his invitation into his house. During the spooning the next morning, Edgar extracts a promise from Daisy that she won’t take away Mr. Otis’ few remaining pleasures.

The Late Shift
Innocent People See Terrible Things

Flashbacks: A man was found in the dryer a few weeks ago. He was naked, dead and missing a kneecap. It’s revealed that Zed stole the kneecap before “Dryer Boy” was killed and Lilim put him in the dryer later on orders from her Dark Lady, but it’s unclear who really killed the naked man. No one remembers Dryer Boy’s real name, but it’s Chad… or something and he was a childhood friend of Buttercup. It is also revealed that Pamela won’t allow Jason to enter the room she had set aside for her nursery and he has respected her wishes because he’s a nice guy. Jason’s ancestor, The Captain, was also a nice guy who Esteban had a close relationship with, but we don’t find out much more about that. Edgar brings us back to the present talking to Vlad about how he needs The Scales of Judas despite the vendors obdurate attitude.

Edgar arrives at Esteban’s apartment to find that Kent and his sex-and-drug party friends are now crashing there. Esteban has fed on a young girl named Robin, who appears to be getting more ill, which Esteban is sure is a temporary reaction although he seems concerned. Esteban unofficially hires Kent and explains to Edgar that he needs an “Igor.” They leave, Esteban offering Edgar a ride along since Edgar wants to discuss a favor he needs from Esteban above and beyond wing-man duties. Also, Violet is there and Edgar wants to leave quickly.

Earlier that night, it transpires that Jason was working his first night shift at The Laundry. When Kali dumps Zed’s recently-murdered body in the dumpster behind Club Masque. When Jason investigated, Kali tried to escape, although they both saw eachother, before he went to investigate what she’d left behind in the oversized bag. Discovering Zed’s seemingly murdered body inside (with a windpipe punctured by one of Kali’s press-on nails) Jason also heard someone making a ruckus inside the Laundry. Jason’s shouts scared the Unnamed Punk, who ran out into Putt Pirates, where he was run down on the hole with all the Grinning Skulls and the fog machine by a reanimated Zed. Jason witnesses Zed tearing a huge chunk of skin from the Punk and gives chase. In the meantime, disturbed mid-sacrifice, Lilim climbs the fence to investigate the screams and gets caught by the security guard with a bloody knife in her hands.

Jason follows Zed to Edgar’s greenhouse and interrupts the ghoul trying to break in. Zed simply turns to Edgar and eats the flesh he’s stolen from the unnammed punk, healing himself in the process. In revulsion and terror, Jason flees to find a policeman. Zed slumps to the ground semi-conscious, only half aware of what’s going on in the wild night.

Later, at the police station, Jason is desperately trying to get someone to believe him when Marcus arrives to bail Lilim out. They have a heated discussion, Marcus worrying about his position as a school principal and Lilim assuring him its alright. Things turn kinky and Marcus pays off the cops for a searing session of holding cell bondage which scares the other occupant of the cell, a hardened streetwalker, into living a cleaner life. Outside, Officer Joe and the police watch the (unseen by the audience) torrid pleasure session on closed circuit tv and completely blow off Jason, who reluctantly leaves, realizing he’s on his own. Lilim seduces of the utterly corrupt but rangy and open-minded Officer Joe who lets her go afterward but warns he she is still a Person of Interest in the attack. She gets her knife back.

The next morning, Jason leaves a note on Zed’s door saying “I know What you Did” and begins putting warning posters up around the neighborhood. Mildred calls Jason over and makes him clean out her horrible, horrible cat boxes in return for a more-or-less useful crash course (and ongoing mentorship) in safer monster-hunting techniques. Jason manages to retrieve his note before Zed emerges, looking more handsome than ever, and begins doing everyday suburban things around Kali’s house.

Meanwhile, Esteban promises Edgar that, if he can get ahold of the Scales of Judas, he will hand them over to Edgar as soon as possible. Edgar gets a call from Kent that his older brother, Wayne Bruce, has asked Daisy out on date. Daisy, having recently broken up with Edgar’s rival, has agreed to lunch at the Taj Mahal. Esteban, as part of his wingman duties, goes to keep watch on the couple while Edgar gets the last of the money he needs to obtain the Scales (and also to enlist Lilim’s help as a homewrecker,, on Esteban’s advice.) Lilim agrees to help Edgar in exchange for finding the real criminal who stole the Unnamed Punk’s skin, so she can get out of trouble with the cops. They then get money out of Ralph, which is a very unpleasant chore.

Unfortunately, Mildred has taken Jason to see Vlad at that time. Vlad agrees to help Jason by selling the young man The Scales of Judas at twice Edgar’s asking price (and forcing Jason to take the Forbidden Bottle at the same time.) Esteban’s up-close surveillance in cat form triggers Wayne Bruce’s severe cat allergy and Daisy’s Florence Nightengale Syndrome at the same time. Esteban takes human form and escorts Wayne Bruce and Daisy to Valley Hospital while Lilim and Edgar go after the Scales. They run into Mildred and Jason on the way out, but Vlad chisels a high price out of Edgar and he has to dodge Ralph yet again so Jason and Mildred are long gone before anyone can catch up with them.

Lilim and Edgar arrive at Valley Hospital, where Esteban hypnotizes Daisy into admitting her feelings for Edgar. They leave together. Lilim goes to discourage Wayne Bruce from pursuing his relationship with Daisy and summons her Dark Lady to cure Wayne Bruce of cat allergies in return for his promise never to see Daisy again. Esteban tries to hypnotize the hospital staff so they don’t notice anything but it backfires and the hospital goes mad, zombie-movie style (the best scene is the Doctor who skips around handing out lollipops but then runs out and starts handing out scalpels through peoples’ hands or tongues instead.) Esteban gets Lilim to help him by agreeing to share information after its all over and they manage to herd the patience out of harms way into the top floor of the safest wing of the hospital.

While all that is going on Jason has returned to work and Zed shows up to do a load of clothes. Jason, terrified and suspicious, barely manages to deal with the beautiful monster, but Zed, blocking out any unpleasant aspects of his relationship with Kali has no clue at all why Jason is acting so strangely.

As dawn approaches, Lilim, Esteban and six mortal survivors, including Molly Nabeshima, Wayne Bruce and Nurse Lupe are making a last stand against a hospital full of mystically insane people. Esteban reveals he is a cat to the survivors, but they accept Lilim’s offer to save them with dark magic although it will mean the hospital shuts down. Because of the epidemic of madness, no one believes the stories of a man changing into a cat or Satanic rituals, but Molly and the others remember what really happened.

Lilim takes Esteban in his cat form back to his apartment to discuss what happens now.

The Block Party
Darkness Gathers Over the Meat Salad

Almost everyone on the block shows up for the big party hosted by Ralph, a blissfully-clueless Mormon with a big chin. The new face on the block is a slim, urban heart-throb calling himself Esteban Chitsume; he has been seen in the neighborhood before, but formal introductions weren’t made until the block party. He is interested in buying the vacation house #1 on the corner.

The neighbors bring out their pot luck dishes as Ralph meticulously organizes them by hot and cold foods. Lilim, a saucy and outrageously tempting goth girl, contributes a ‘meat salad’, which the winsome and intense Edgar tastes and convinces Ralph that it’s the best dish there. Esteban flirts with Lilim and gives her his business card. She pretty much shuts him down but keeps the card.

Ralph promises that whoever wins the three-legged race will be able to dig into the food first, this announcement takes place while everyone is already eating the food. Clouds darken overhead as Edgar takes that for a promise made and broken in the same breath. Under the darkening sky, Zed, wearing an open shirt that shows off his perfect abs, offers to take over the grilling so Ralph can start the party games, Zed’s seemingly-doting roommate, Kali, spends some considerable time calling attention to Zed’s attractive bare chest.

Jason, a tousled but clean-living vital young male, shows up a bit late and makes excuses for his rarely-seen significant other, Pamela, not showing up by saying the rarely-seen woman is simply not feeling well.

It was revealed in a flash back, that prior to the block party, Edgar had extracted a promise from Esteban that in exchange for saving him in cat form, Esteban would wing-man him. Mr Otis makes one of his rare appearances outdoors, accompanied by his healthcare provider, Daisy. Esteban relieves Daisy of duty, so she can participate in the block party games. Edgar is very interested in Daisy, and uses the opportunity of the three-legged race to cling to her closely and for them to fall down….repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Lilim attempts to lure Mr. Nabeshima over to her house, but her feminine wiles fall flat in the face of the man’s blind devotion to his family. In the end, she uses this very trait to secure a promise to get the unsuspecting man to visit her later, ostensibly to help kick off his eldest daughter’s new lawn-mowing business.

Jason confides in Lilim and Esteban that Jessica disturbs him and he worries about the woman’s safety. Esteban tries to approach the woman but, although she warms to him somewhat, she keeps her secrets close. Esteban keeps accidentally calling Jason “”/characters/thecaptain" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain." Kali seems overprotective of Zed, all but chaining him to the grill. After Esteban gets distracted by something that Zed keeps noticing (Kent is dumping trash bags in Kali’s yard) Lilim hands Jason Esteban’s business card.

It is revealed that to Esteban that House #1 is known in the neighborhood as “the sex house”, as it is furnished but is vacant and Kent’s friends use the house for partying and hookups. The owner of house #1 is a deployed military man named Charlie. Near the end of the party, Charlie suddenly arrives home, causing Kent to frantically try to clean the house up. Edgar extracts a promise from Kent in exchange for distracting Charlie and stalling for time, so Kent can clean house #1 up. Edgar stalls for time, engaging Charlie in conversation and encouraging him to join in on the pot luck fest. Esteban approaches Charlie about buying his house and offers twice what the house is worth.

Things turn a bit dark when Marcus defies Lilim’s attempts to boss him around, but the watermellon seed spitting contest begins… with unfortunate results for Ralph.

Meanwhile, having seen Kent dropping full trash bags over onto the Zed’s side of the fence, Esteban leaves to speak with Kent. Esteban offers to help and asked Kent to do two things. First he asked him to get some window cleaning supplies and second he asked Kent to take care of a cat which he might start seeing around that neighborhood. Kent went off to get the cleaning supplies and was directed by Ralph to get them from Ralph’s wife Georgina. Mean while Charlie had been engaged in conversation by Jason who noticed the commotion at house #1.

Finally, Jason opens the door to house #1 and finds a cat performing a mystical Japanese illusion dance with a napkin on his head in an immaculately clean house. The cat runs out just as Charlie enters. Charlie states that he still needs to speak with Esteban about his offer on this house and Jason hands him Esteban’s card which he got from Lilim.


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