Pamela died a little while ago in the seventh house, where Jason lives with her now.


Pam is the wife of Jason, and was once the only competent police officer in town. She is well respected in the community, and took pride in the low crime rate during her service. Though she was very outgoing individual that would all change after an accident during her pregnancy.

Pam died about the same time that Jason moved in with her. Everyone else thinks she’s just reclusive, but her ghost has been maintaining a relationship with him that he has only recently begun to suspect is a little weird.

The seventh Sephiroth is Netzach, or “Eternity”

Note: When Jason “succumbs to passion” with Pamela he brings out her darkest self, and she disappears.


Pamela, and Jason are high school sweethearts who maintained a long distance relationship while Jason was out of state going to a prestigious university. The two of them ended up getting married, and despite Pamela’s pregnancy she insisted that he remain vigilant in his studies which Jason reluctantly agreed to. During this time Pamela would continue to work since she honestly believed the town would go to hell if she wasn’t keeping others in line.

She continued to work until she was practically forced to take maternity leave, and was presumably a month away from giving birth when she drove after someone she seen dump a body. During the chase she was rammed into, and right off a bridge where she lost “everything”. Not long after the accident she would awaken, confused, and filled with guilt.. She was no longer herself, and she knew it, but in her state of mind she called Jason without thinking things through.

Pamela would intercept Jason at the hospital, and would do everything she could to cover up the fact that she was now one of the undead. At that time she would “quit” her job, insist on staying home, and forbid her husband from ever entering the nursery as she explained “The memories are too painful.”.

Just as Jason was starting to suspect things, and question Pamela’s behavior he would become distracted by the neighborhood “monsters”. In order to avoid suspicion, and to help Jason out she would land a job at the Taj Mahal. While having this new job seems to be restoring her outgoing personality it also seems to be drawing out a some dark side as well.


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