Esteban Chitsume

PC (played by Rp) Skin: the ancient (vampire.)


Esteban Chitsume (played by Rp) is the ancient (variation of the Basic Vampire Skin.) He is a Bakeneko, a Japanese cat-vampire. He currently has an apartment downtown but is looking to buy house #1 from Charlie (in human form). In his cat form, he lives in house #3 and pretends to be a black cat belonging to Molly Nabeshima. He collects antique oil lamps.


Esteban is very old and he was once very close to Jason’s ancestor, the Captain. The Captain convinced him that humans aren’t all bad, but he still calls humans “monkeys.” Despite this obvious derision, he seems to go out of his way to take care of them. Although he has fed on Kent’s friend Robin, he is currently concerned about her welfare. He is also concerned that her dad is his current boss. He has allowed Kent to stay at his apartment as well as Robin, who is recovering… or possibly getting worse. He had a busy night at the hospital.

Esteban has been a pirate, a dancer, a rake, a hunter and many other exciting and glamorous things in his long life. He recalls being a particularly bad exterminator during the 14th Century. He only deigns to be a housepet on very special occasions.

Mildred Feng dislikes and distrusts him. But she has also mentioned the old custom of killing a cat after owning it for seven years. Esteban has mentioned that his own tail never split. Good cat spirits get multiple tails as they grow older, as a sign of wisdom. This does not happen very often to evil ones.

Recently, he hypnotized Daisy into intensifying her feelings for Edgar, at the same time setting off a plague of madness at the Hospital. In the final hours of the zombie-like stand-off, he revealed his true form to Molly Nabeshima, Lilim and Nurse Lupe.

Esteban Chitsume

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