Molly Nabeshima

A little girl that dresses up her sinister pet cat.


Molly’s just a kid. She found and adopted the black cat that often prowls the neighborhood. She didn’t realize it was really Esteban the Bakemono in cat form or she probably wouldn’t have insisted on the tea parties. Esteban is a bit of clothes horse, even in cat form, so he’s been secretly slipping her designer dolly outfits.

Since Esteban revealed her true nature to her, Molly has been studying up on witchcraft (most of what she knows is wrong) and has demonstrated a remarkable ability to recognize monsters and the true nature of things. She’s still dangerous innocent. Kali did manage to stab her with a mystic Athame during a ritual to Draw Down the Goddess of Food within an artificial cornucopia, but besides not dying from an otherwise grievous wound, Molly has shown no other ill or supernatural effects… so far.


Molly Nabeshima

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