Tag: Artifact


  • Scales of Judas

    Vlad gave the Scales to [[:jason-wright | Jason]], despite the fact that [[:edgar-payne | Edgar]] had a bid in on them. Edgar knows that the Scales inspire people to betray eachother but Vlad has hinted that they will aid Jason against the forces of …

  • Dark Headphones

    Buy More has a pair of Headphones which emanate dark energies. [[:edgar-payne | Edgar]] and [[:lilim | Lilim]] seem to know about them.

  • Forbidden Bottle

    [[File:471942 | class=media-item-align-center | bottle.jpg]][[:vlad | Vlad]] was anxious to give this artifact to [[:jason-wright | Jason]]. Everyone who knows anything about the occult seems to fear and loathe it.

  • The Flea Circus

    [[:waynebruce | Vlad]] is the clerk at this local indoor flea market called the Flea Circus. He drives a hard bargain and is a purveyor of every strange artifact, mysterious relic, out-of-this-world object and supernatural souvenir. Elder [[:ralph | …