Tag: Location


  • Cockburns Grocery Store

    Cockburn's Grocery Store occupies lot 'A' as the anchor store, next door to Forever Pets. It is commonly known that Cockburn's Grocery Store has rats, which caused its most recent shut-down. The store keeps having to close and then they have a Grand …

  • Forever Pets

    Forever Pets is a combination pet store and taxidermy store between Cockburn's Grocery Store and the Taj Mahal, occupying lot 'B'. Forever Pets has a shop-lifting problem.

  • Taj_Mahal

    The Taj Mahal is a restaurant between Forever Pets and Buy More, and occupies lot 'C'. The Taj Mahal is owned by ghouls who enjoy eating roadkill, however they serve a nice normal meal in the restaurant.

  • Buy_More

    Buy More is the used entertainment store between the Taj Mahal and Club Masque in lot 'D'. It sells used movie DVDs, music CD and various game console media. There's a pair of headphones in the store which emit a dark power unknown to the employees.

  • Laundry

    The laundromat in the strip mall is just called The Laundry. [[:esteban-chitsume | Esteban]] and [[:lilim | Lilim]] have run into eachother there several times. [[:zed | Zed]] often robs his victims of their body parts in the alley behind it (since it's …

  • Club Masque

    Club Masque is a popular gay bar. [[:zed | Zed]] trolls it for fabulous-looking replacement parts. Everyone else thinks it's a front for human trafficking or Satanists or something. It isn't and some of the drink specials are really quite good. They have …

  • Esteban's Apartment

    [[:esteban-chitsume | Esteban]] maintains a nice apartment in a skyrise downtown. It's full of antique oil lamps from hundreds of countries which he keeps fully stocked. He's letting [[:kent | Kent]] and his sex-and-drug party friends stay there, mostly …

  • Valley Hospital

    Valley Hospital was the nicest medical center in the city until a hypnotic curse unleashed by [[:esteban-chitsume | Esteban]] drove everyone mad and now it looks more like Silent Hill. [[:lilim | Lilim]] rescued everyone with a second curse that has …

  • The Ditch

    Although City Levee 13 starts out as a cruel concrete river downtown, the kind with strategically-placed burned out cars and graffiti, it opens up into a semi-wild, landscaped creek surrounded by wildflowers and trees when it hits the greenbelt near the …