The Monster Next Door

The Balance Shifts

Rotting Corpses Start to Pile Up

Zed stumbles home. Calling for Kali thinking he simply escaped the cops. He thinks someone set him up. Recaps his escape. Kali is concerned that he has a new face. She asks: “Where did his face go? Where’s the body Zed, where’s the other face?” He tries to explain his old face was plastered across the pavement. He begs her forgiveness and reminds her that he barely managed to get away. She reacts with an eerie calm but seems to focus on his face. She treats him gently, has him sit down to watch TV and beans him with a candlestick. Zed awakes on a strange altar with Kali chanting. He says it reminds him of his birth. She brings a knife toward him, he begs to live. He says it’s “me” and Zed says “he’s lost I didn’t come back on purpose!” Kali begins making incision marks on him. He begs, saying he’ll fix it. She says she owes a debt to the Aswangs. You weren’t just a face she says, you were him, the whole body. As she plunges the knife into his flesh, Zed realizes Zed is going to kill him for realizes this time, not for play-play. “I love you but I can’t lay here and die,” he cries. He begins to break his chain, Kali expresses disappointment and steps outside the altar circle. A dark force holds him in place. He licks the blood off the sacrificial knife and lashes out at the dark barrier, but it holds him in place. Kali plunges into Zed, Zed crawls on alter and tries to climb through the ceiling, he fails. Kali seeing this, leaves the house.

Kali starts drawing a circle around house and Ralph and Georgiana see this thinking she is aerating the lawn or spraying for termites.Jason comes out and watches, recording with his phone. Lilim comes over as well. Zed breaks through the floor in his darker self, ravenous for feeding. Zed looks at Lilim with sad eyes and starts eating himself. He spits out his own finger bones at Lilim and sees Georgina nearby and grabs her. Lilim sees this and casts a spell on Zed not to harm others. Ralph screams and faints, muttering about Joseph Smith’s second coming. Georgina weakly and softly screams. Georgina breaks free as Mildred comes out to help Lilim hold him with the spell. Zed breaks free, Kali, Lilim and Mildred are knocked down when he breaks free. Zed runs around the house and a cat scream is heard and then crunching bones. During this whole time Jason was recording with his phone. Later Zed breaks through the Taj Mahal and eats all the ghouls. All of them.

Edgar comes out and locks the front door, seeing everyone getting up after falling over when Zed broke free to see Mildred and Lilim arguing. Lilim picks up the finger bones. Kali walks over to Edgar stating she may need his help again. Kali complains to Edgar about losing her old boyfriend face and Edgar reminds her about not letting the artifact fall into the wrong hands (not defined but could be the one to create Zed or the knife Kali used). He asks if she knew where Zed could have gone. Lilim states that she knows she can track Zed by his finger bones she has. Edgar said he thinks they should find and restrain Zed. Edgar tells Kali she needs to decide now whether she wants to save Zed or destroy him. He tries to get a promise He said that now she knows he doesn’t have any parts of her old boyfriend in him, he asks if she has feelings for Zed himself, does she want Zed saved or destroyed? Edgar reminds Kali that since she created Zed, she is the only one to be able to destroyed him. Edgar Lilim is she is with them or not and Lilim wants to know why Zed should die. Edgar says Zed is too dangerous to live. Jason is watching this conversation and starts looking up how to get rid of a Zombie on his cell phone. Lilim argues that Zed should live and Edgar determines he and Kali are on their own.

Esteban comes up on Jason at Cockburns picking up a chainsaw in the seasonal isle with ice picks, meat hooks and the like. Esteban hints that he would be willing to help Jason if he needs help with anything, looking at his future chainsaw purchase in his cart. He asks if Jason has any famous ancestors, he doesn’t indicate any and Esteban suggests they hang out someday. Esteban brings up Mildred and his experiences with her. Esteban gives Jason his business card and asks if he has seen Zed around, looking right at Taj Mahal out the front of the grocery store window. Jason said last he knew Zed’s house was being destroyed and Esteban asks about Kali, who Jason said is okay. Esteban keeps looking at the Taj Mahal and suggests that they go get drinks in the middle of the night at the Taj Mahal. He pretty much drags Jason there and finds no one in the Taj Mahal. Esteban gazes into the abyss and sees cryptic and alarming visions. The Taj Mahal door is broke down and it looks like some maniac tore through it.

Esteban asks Jason (calling him the Captain) for a flashlight and Jason pulls one out and turns it on, Esteban’s eyes glow for a second and Jason gets more nervous. He insists Esteban go first down the stairs, they see nothing in the first room but as they close the door they are startled to see a ghoul plastered to the door and with his face gone and his chest opened. As the door shuts the two notice several ghouls here that have no face and chests are open with no internal organs Esteban freaks and says they have to clean everything up and reopen the restaurant in the morning to keep the restaurant open so ‘he’ doesn’t come back.

Jason says he’s crazy says they need to call the police at that moment a no face, open chest no organs ghouls weakly says not to call the police Esteban begs the Captain to help him clean everything up and reopen the restaurant in the morning and Jason mentions his wife used to work here,Esteban continues to freak out and confirm that Jason’s wife worked there, and is freaking out more realizing what that means. Jason gazes into the abyss.
Restaurant closed down and red blood moon and Pamela weeping in the vision
Esteban explained that the Captain needs to lead and tells Jason what he need to clean the place up and asked him to get his wife Pamela to help them. Jason will call his wife and ’
Esteban will call his friends. Esteban takes one of the corpses to draw a circle on the floor and turns into a cat. He exclaims “don’t interrupt me, I’m calling the ”/wikis/swallow-alliance" class=“wiki-page-link”> home office!"

Molly and Lilim scene, where Molly asks about becoming a witch and flashbacks to how Lilim got contaminated from the artifact and changed into who she is now, she tells Molly about all the dancing (sex) she has had with everyone, all over the place. She tells Molly to study to be a witch rather than do it the way she did and do it at her own pace and Mr Nabeshima comes to get Molly. Lilim tries to turn Mr Nabeshima on and he gets really uncomfortable and mentions how Lilim resembles his sister who is flying in from Japan today and quickly leaves with Molly. His is clearly disturbed by Lilim.s advances.

Pamela, Zed and Jason help Esteban clean up the restaurant and get it open again, with Esteban’s friends which are all weird spirit people (look weird and representing various cultures). They look for the recipe book and start to cook pancakes while Zed explains to a ghoul who realized Zed can’t go back home and insists he wants Zed’s secret to be blood and flesh. The ghoul takes Zed’s knife (the one Kali left in his chest), Zed explains who he is and that Kali brought him back to life, but he doesn’t remember who he was before and how he doesn’t know how becoming flesh starts. He explains to the ghoul how he has to kill and take flesh to stay alive, the ghoul says he can stay at the Taj Mahal but he needs to work hard. The ghouls mentioned Kali and says how she has some pull over the place but not sure how much since it’s been rebuilt and how important it is for them to keep the restaurant going and to serve customers. The special of the day is Pancakes for Lunch.

Later, Lilim is in her room, post sex leaving Marcus tied to the bed. She spills some blood and does a little ritual to summon her Master, who tells her he is gathering power, she asks what for? He wants to get into some people’s good graces and it he should be able to find his favor soon, he assures Lilim that she will be rewarded soon. Lilim says and “unkindness is happening” and the Master assures he will spare her and reward her soon when he gains more power. He tells Lilim she will be interested in the sister coming from overseas and Lilim asks if she is one of them and he says no but she is delicious. The Master assures Lilim that she won’t be discarded.

Jason and Alice meet at Buy More a couple of days after cleaning up the Taj Mahal. He is wearing the headphones and Alice tells him he shouldn’t wear them, they are dangerous. He tells her he heard a car crash in the headphones. He tells her Pamela is working and Alice asks if he finds this unusual. Jason is glad she is getting out. Alice says how this doesn’t make sense, she was at the accident and saw Pamela dead and she called 911. Jason argues with Alice about Pamela being alive and Jason’s shuts Alice down. Flash back to Jason calling after her death to Pamela’s parents about what to buy her for her birthday and her parents getting upset and hanging up on him, telling him not to call them again.

Next scene is Jason drinking with Alice’s words ringing in his head "is there anything Pamela might have been keeping from you? Jason calls the Police station to speak to Officer Joe about his wife quitting and Officer Joe tells him to F-off and hangs up on him. Jason puts out a key to the Nursery, he puts in the lock but can’t open door, there is something on the other side. He hears a voice saying they can help him get on the other side of the door and he sees the scales tip to a side. The voice of the dark master continues to tempt Jason. He wants his child and his wife back. “Open the door and find everything you want behind it.” All the food in the neighborhood instantly rots, and the scales tip all the way. Jason opens the nursery door and sees Pamela holding a healthy baby and she says “it’s a miracle!”

Esteban drags Zed from the restaurant and Pamela vanished before their eyes. Esteban says he’s here and that Zed is partly build of him, they have to get the Nabeshima family out, the Captain has failed them. Kali shows up saying something bad has happened, the Nabeshima family went to the airport to get Mr Nabeshima’s sister and Estan asked don’t you know there is no sister. Kali asks what is coming and Esteban states it’s like the Captain, he made a grave mistake, Pamela despaired from the restaurant and they need to get Molly out. (add more here)

It was suppose to be Lilim but it’s going to be Molly, he knocks and no one answers, he says they need to go to the airport. Edgar asks what tools they need and Esteban asks if he knows how to stop the Celestial Bureaucracy. Edgar gazes into the abyss to see the one thing that continually grows turning in on itself and keeps feeding on itself (cancer). Edgar sees he needs a strong representation of feasts, he is fighting famine.

Esteban needs to get to the airport to get the Nabeshima family out of there, it’s not Mr Nabeshima’s sister, his memories are wrong. Lilim calls the airport and has Mr Nabeshima paged, she tells him that someone is coming to take his daughter away and indicates that Esteban has an improper interest in Molly. Zed has a passionate, unbridled encounter with Buttercup in the other room and Edgar passes by, catching sight of them, Estaban promised Edgar that he will do all he can to prevent the the council of Fae from fulfilling their plan. Esteban tells Edgar they need to go in undercover and there is a cat carrier out back, Kali is going to come with them. She works for who ‘he’ corrupted (‘her’) but is going to help get Molly away from all this safely. Kali, Esteban and Edgar go to the airport with a cat, however Estaban stays in human form and tries to shut down Lilim’s plans and get to Molly first.

Esteban, Kali and Edgar pile into the Ambulance and race to the airport. In the mean time Lilim calls the airport and informs Mr Nabeshima, through the white courtesy telephone, that an ambulance driver of Esteban’s description is planning to abduct Molly. The airport is on high alert when the ambulance arrives, but Esteban gives secret instructions to Kali and Edgar, entrusting Edgar with a cat carrier full of “important things.” Kali nods that she understands her role and promises Molly will not be harmed and will be kept away from the Dark Master. At the airport, Esteban runs up to Molly and snatches her, whispering something in her ear first. Her dad tries to stop him and Esteban backhands him across the moving sidewalk with superhuman strength. Molly screams and screams for her father as Esteban races through the guards to the ambulance. The guards are hesitant to fire until he hands off Molly to Kali and she drives away in the ambulance. Although Esteban is shot, he’s only wounded and taken into custody.

Edgar is standing watching the people get off the plane with an empty cat carrier. A veiled woman gets off the plane and walks around. Edgar gazes into the abyss and sees a face like Lilim but with black eyes. Edgar pulls a sign out of the cat carrier with the ‘sister’ Nabeshima and waits for her. The veiled woman walks over and Edgar asks if she is Bakeneko, she says she is and Edgar says he was sent by Mr Nabeshima to pick her up and take her to Mr Nabeshima’s home. Edgar pretends to be a valet parker to steal a car in order to pick up the sister Nabeshima. He steals a car but is caught on video, he picks the ‘sister’ Nabeshima up and he isn’t going to take her home. Last scene is Mrs Nabeshima standing there wondering where her family has gone and wondering where the ‘sister’ Nabeshima has gone, as no one else is coming off the plane.



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