The Monster Next Door

The Crazy Talk

Twisted Creatures Devour the Screaming Wicked

Zed and Buttercup wakeup post coitus. Buttercup smiles and starts some pillow talk with Zed asking his name. Zed said he need to be with someone last night and Buttercup cuddles up next to him asking if that feels better. Zed explains that Kali keep trying to bring back her old boyfriend but instead brought him back. Buttercup is sure he is her old friend Christoper but Zed doesn’t remember. He says he should use the name Jon Malcolm as he has his face now and it makes things easier.

Jason is in the nursey with (dead) Pamela and his ‘baby’, Pheonix, he starts to feed the baby and says to Pamela how he thought about a name and would like to name the baby boy Phoenix. Jason says he thinks everything is going to be alright. Pamela says Jason has to go to the restaurant to save the girl (Molly). The baby coos and tries to talk, pulling Jason’s nose playfully, then takes the nipple off the bottle and drinks his formula. Jason takes Pamela out of the room to speak to her. In the background Phoenix starts crawling, then walking like a toddler, and walks toward Jason in the hall with Pamela as she urges Jason to go talk to the girl at the restaurant. Jason doesn’t seem to realize his baby is advancing moment by moment. Jason just remarks how fast kids grow up. Jason takes a gun from it’s safe place and baby talks to him in baby talk urging Jason to stay and play with him and Mommy. Jason takes his gun and explains he has to go and walks down the street.

While walking to the Taj Mahal, Jason comes across Lilim who is steadily growing in dark powers. She explains how Kali took Molly to the restaurant and she has to get her back. Lilim and Jason arrive at the Taj Mahal and find an emergency vehicle parked out front. The restaurant is clean and quiet, no rotten food and like ritually clean. Jason says he is going upstairs to Kali’s office, while Lilim says she is going to Molly and asks Jason the way to the basement. Jason gazes into the abyss and he trips into a pile of boxes and hits his head on the desk. Lilim gazes into the abyss and realizes the Dark Master doesn’t have power here and gets a backlash in her head. She hears chanting, stops and goes back to get Jason. There is a lot of fresh food cartes here and a new recipe on the desk for fresh food (no meat or dairy, just fresh fruit and vegetables). Lilim wakes up Jason and the leave to go downstairs. Walls seem curved and lumpy, walls are covered in fruits and vegetables, the basement has been turned into a cornacorpia.

Kali is here with the knife, chanting about the great goddess to come back. Molly is out cold on a slab. Jason shoots, hitting some fruit/veg and some fruit/veg comes supernaturally out of the bullet hole. They start baring them in fruit/veg. Kali plunges the knife into Molly while Molly is being wrapped with vines of fruit/veg. Kali says he (Master) has no power here.
Lilim invokes her darkest self and blood is coming down on everyone and the vines start to wither. Lilim is able to remove Molly from the vines and desicrate this place and dedicate it to her Master. Lilim causes fruit/vegs to surround and droned Kali. Zed senses something, being connected to Kali. Lilim leaves restaurant with Molly and Molly starts to come around, she is bleeding from the knife wound.

Jason tries to take Molly into his house to protect her, but she reacts in horror on seeing Pheonix that the little boy is “not a person.” Phoenix now acts 4 or 5 yrs old.

Molly goes to her house, wants her parents. Lilim is still in the restaurant basement trying to drown Kali in blood, fruit and vegs are popping. Zed raced to the restaurant and starts going down basement steps, he feels weaker here as he gets to the basement full of blood. Kali is drowning in waves of blood, her cornacopia is dying and she doesn’t have much time left. Zed said she can’t end like this. Lilim says she deserves as she stabbed an eight yr old.
Lilim reaches out to Zed, he says he isn’t here to stop her just that he doesn’t think Kali should end this way. Lilim offers for Zed to disconnect from Kali forever and Zed agrees as Kali drowns in blood and blood comes out of her nose, mouth and eyes. Blood is creeping up on Zed as he watches. Lilim tries to turn Zed on.

Now that I have no Master, why would I want one? asks Zed. Lilim suggests as a matter of safety. Zed asks about Limil’s free will and Lilim says she likes the way things are and Zed asks which of them is speaking. Zed says we can see how this will go in the future but for right now, ta ta and he leaves Lilim.

Edgar is driving a stolen car with a woman who looks like Limil but has black eyes, Mr Nabeshima’s sister (really Mr Nabeshima has no sister), Miko. Last thing Estaban did was tell Egar to keep Miko away from the Nabeshima family and gave him a cat carrier. Edgar keeps points out sites as Miko gets weary. He looks in the rearview mirror and sees that Miko is really little more than a mumified corpse, her mouth locked in a polite rictus, eyes shrivelled and blackened with the Dark Master’s hideous anti-radiance. Lilim casts a spell which causes the stolen car’s tire to go flat, Edgar pulls over to stall by pretending to fix it but Lilim is there on the side of the road. Lilim tries to bluff Edgar and he whallops her with a tire iron. Lilim retaliates with an athame, plunging it into Edgar. He says “There’s still good in you, he hasn’t driven it out of you yet” as he collapses in a pool in his own blood. She goes to let Miko out, she says “At least I’m not killing you.” “No,” says Edgar, “You’re just killing the world.” She hesitates, with her hand on the handle, he goes to grab the mirror from the back of the car and accidentally drops it. There’s the sound of glass breaking, Lilim opens the door. Miko hands Lilim a bottle with some kind of liquid in it and says “This is for the vessel of youf choice, this will make him flesh and blood… for your wedding.” Miko, in her dessicated form, leans over to kiss Lilim, saying “This is so you can control his army,” says Miko as she crumbles to dust. Lilim offers to bond with Edgar, but he half-staggers, half runs away saying “Oh hell no,” He leaves the broken mirror behind. Lilim eagerly reaches for it and feels a pang of a regret as she reaches for it, she puts it in the trunk and when she sits down the tire re-inflates itself and Lilim drives the stolen car away.

Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Mr Nabeshima screams at Esteban. Nurse Lupe is now EMT Lupe, caught between her attraction to Esteban and the creepy was he’s acting. Office Joe is also escorting them. When Mr. Nabeshima demands to know where his daughter is, Esteban replies calmly “where is your ”/characters/mrs-nabeshima" class=“wiki-content-link”>wife" and Mr. Nabeshima begins punching the strapped-in Esteban in the face. When Esteban goads Mr. Nabeshima into calling his house, Esteban discovers to his horror that Jason is there with Molly. He terrifies Mr. Nabeshima into going to search for his wife as Lupe is forced by common sense and a horrified Officer Joe to sedate Esteban, who has begun to bewhail the fact he can’t see ghosts and that’s why he has made a critical error. His last warning to Mr. Nabeshima is “She has already chosen you for her Consort.”

Meanwhile, Zed goes to Lilim’s house and tries to kidnap Marcus to use his Chris-like features to try and rebuild his outward self to Buttercup’s liking, although she seems unaware of his plans. Marcus sidesteps him with superhuman speed and his eyes glow, revealing him to be an Inugami as well. The fight escalates, but Zed is hampered by not wanting to harm Marcus’ Christopher-like features. There is snarling and the sound of a scuffle as they both fall into Lilim’s house. Jason hears the ruckus but doesn’t see anything this time as he’s watching over Molly on the phone.

Inside Lilim’s house, the battle continues. Marcus transforms and bites Zed’s arm off and then Zed eats Marcus’ face. Jason sees “Marcus” emerge but the audience can tell it’s really Zed with Marcus’ face and clothes. Marcus then inexplicably goes over to Edgar’s place. Buttercup meets him at the door saying “Christopher?”

There’s a quick scene of Mildred sitting in her basement with a freezer full of untouched food, surrounded by a circle of salt, cursing “Stupid Boy!” Her cats wait, fearfully watching the cellar door.

Lilim gets home and finds Marcus’s mutilated corpse. She also sees Zed’s cast off face and mystically sees Zed eating Marcus’ face. She screams in blood-curdling rage. Jason hears the scream. Lilim comes over to Mr. Nabeshima’s house and Molly leverages this to get out of having to go over to Mr. Jason’s house. Lilim says she can wait on the porch for her father to arrive. Molly thinks she knows a lot more about magic than “Mr Jason.”

Edgar sees that Esteban has been arrested in a TV News Report when he goes home to get bandaged. Violet hits on Edgar again. Marcus enters and goes to Buttercups room and Edgar confronts him like an angry father. Buttercup defends him as Zed tells Edgar about Lilim’s recent activities.Violet knows where Molly is and makes Edgar promise future sexual favors to reveal her location.

Esteban comes to in the police canine unit.Jessica and Officer Joe are there, they are both clearly Inugami as well. Lupe becomes more and more terrified as Esteban explains there will be a mock trial and she has been detained by the sick code of the Dark Master as the Bakeneko’s defense council. The Canine Unit has been turned into a breeding ground for Inugami and all the cops in this precinct are Demon Dogs. Esteban tells how he promised his services to the Dark Master for several centuries in exchange for life after his throat was cut. He tells how, for a long time, he hated all humans and even after the contract expired, he continued to lead the Dark Master’s forces, but Captain Wright convinced him he was wrong. Now he’s only managed to save three places, but he’s responsible for the corruption and destruction of many human cities, places that filled up with horrors and choked to death on the Dark Master’s supernatural cancer. He begs Lupe to help him redeem himself, although hope is running out to stop the Dark Master this time. Lupe agrees to help Esteban.

Jason takes Molly to Mildred’s house for safety, and although the Dark Master whispers in Lilim’s ears that Molly needs to go to the Nursery (in Jason’s house.) Due to Mildred’s yelling, Edgar sees that Molly is now in Mildred’s care. He begins to salt his own yard and sees that Mr. Otis’ garden has died and two glowering red eyes are inside the old mansion.



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