Jason Wright

PC (played by Jon) Skin: the Mortal.


Jason Wright (played by Jon) is the mortal. He is married to Pamela and lives in house #7. Jason is just your average mortal man. He is a 24 year old, caucasian gentlemen who is often times seen wearing formal clothing despite his surroundings. (ie: wearing a suit despite working at a laundromat). He typically is well groomed though that might change, as he finds it hard to sleep ever since he witnessed the assault on a young man at the mini golf course. Jason is a man with a strong sense of justice, a clear moral code, (at least when he thinks he knows the world) and is protective of the ones he loves and cares about. He owns a pistol which he keeps locked up in his office.


Jason comes from a rather proud family, and his parents certainly had high hopes for him. Mr. Wright was well on his way to making a name for himself in law enforcement, but just short of finishing his courses, he received a troubling call from his wife, Pamela. There had been an accident, and after meeting Pamela, at the hospital he had discovered they lost their child.. Unbeknownst to Jason he had lost much more than that, and was speaking to the very ghost of his wife who had also lost her life in the accident.

Pamela then became a recluse, and “quit” her job as a police woman. She’d often complain about the incompetence of her co-workers which Jason would experience first hand after a rather traumatic event at the mini-golf course in which he witnesses Zed rip into another mortal. Jason had only just started these two minimum wage jobs to help take care of Pamela, and he has seen, and heard many strange things that the local police just don’t seem to take seriously for one reason or another. (In one instance they were too busy watching a Satanist and a School Principal banging in a cell.

After everything he saw, and after cleaning the vomit off himself he’d make it his personal mission to figure out what’s going on, and deal with it. With the help of his neighbors he is hoping to put a stop to these attacks, and murders even if he has to go outside of the law. In this new world where anything goes it has yet to be seen if Jason will survive, and if he does.. at what cost?

  1. FYI:
    Valley Hospital is due to be closed after Lilim’s bargain with Dark Powers to stop the Plague of Madness.

Jason Wright

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