Ralph Carpenter

Ralph keeps the fifth house moral and spotless.


Ralph has a big chin and, since the watermellon seed contest, an eyepatch. He lives in house #5 with his wife, Georgina and their sons, Rod and Todd. He should not have reneged on a promise to Edgar. He has no idea he is surrounded by monsters and deviants. Nor do his two disturbingly normal boys and equality clueless wife. He thinks Lilim is a swell lady with expensive taste in clothes, despite the openly Satanic hints she sometimes drops. He thinks Kali and Zed have a loving and nurturing relationship. He has known Pam for years and wishes her well overcoming her agoraphobia or whatever is. He is slightly suspicious of Jason, but he trusts Pam’s judgement.

Ralph is an Elder in his Mormon Ward (church), as his wife Georgia is a Sister. He enthusiastically hands out flyers to his church on Saturdays at the Flea Circus. His Mormon church is on the other side of the Flea Circus. He also considers himself the unofficial ‘fun’ committee chairman of his block and tries to come up with theme block parties frequently. He goes all out to try to make the parties fun and interactive for everyone in the neighborhood. When he does plan a theme block party, he usually posts flyers for these block parties at the Flea Circus.

On the Kabbalah tree of life, the fifth Sephirot is Gevurah, strength. It is a limiting factor which leans overwhelmingly toward the color of split blood.


Ralph Carpenter

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